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Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Are You Sleeping?

on August 9, 2013
There are many churches today who have “merged” with the world, that you can hardly tell the difference, & are running hard in the opposite direction of the  Lord & His Word, just as Jonah did when God said, “Arise, go to Ninnevah”.
Where are the distinctions that make the church different than the world?  Bringing spiritual warfare INSIDE the church is nothing new, after all, satan can fight better from the inside of the church than from than outside.  Unfortunately it is the believers who give satan a ride, into the church. When we begin to get away from God, justifying, covering up, and compromising, there is no telling how far we will go!
Will we obey the voice of The Lord, or end up in a deep dark place as Jonah did?  Is the world going to wake up the church as the mariners did in Jonah 1:5-6, or is the church going to wake up the world?  The church needs to be waking up the world, not the opposite!  It’s a heart wrenching thought, when we take a deep-honest look at just how far the church has moved!
Todays pulpits are almost bankrupt from the fear of man & love of self, causing the church’s drowsiness & apathy!  However, it’s usually those that are asleep who will deny that they are sleeping.  No one wants to admit they are asleep, yet they cannot tell you what they’ve done while sleeping.  Ever heard anyone say, “I don’t snore or I don’t talk in my sleep”?  However,  If you DO those things while sleeping, you only know it because someone who was awake told you what you did while you were asleep!
We are living in perilous times.  Will you be a surprised Christian (because you are spiritually asleep) when The Lord returns, or are you able to see the signs of the times?

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