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Glorified Salt Shaker

on August 16, 2013

Are you a salty saint?  Salt generates value, salt seasons, salt preserves, and prevents decay, salt purifies and burns, salt penetrates and gives flavor, salt gives life and salt heals…our problem is not just HOLLYWOOD.  It’s SALTLESS saints!  Our churches have become nothing more than salt warehouses.  Are you worth your salt?  Are you being the salt of the earth? Or are you just a glorified salt shaker? See Matthew 5:13-16

3 responses to “Glorified Salt Shaker

  1. Wow, some reallllly great thoughts here Ms. Darla!! I like how you pointed out that it’s not just hollywood, it’s the saltless saints. So true and very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amanda says:

    I wonder what blessings we miss out on or the people we fail to reach because we are lukewarm, or as you put it- a salt warehouse!

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