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What Do YOU Consider Pure?

on August 16, 2013

Are you ok with things in your life being 99.9% pure?  If 99.9% pure was the standard, the IRS would lose over 2 million documents a year, 12 babies would be given to the wrong parents every day, 291 pacemaker surgeries a year would be performed wrong, and 20,000 prescriptions would be written every year incorrectly. What in your life, are you willing to settle for at 99.9%?

2 responses to “What Do YOU Consider Pure?

  1. Karin Benson says:

    I like this

  2. Jacky Manchester says:

    Hah, all those things you named, really do happen==well except for maybe, the babies getting the wrong parents. But just because the government, and physicians, and pharmacists, and so on, bungle their jobs, doesn’t mean we have to or should. Only be God’s grace can we ever measure up to His perfect standard. And then, as Brother Andrew said in his book, we would bungle our purity by being so proud of it ( loose quote).

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