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Blessings and Trauma

on August 22, 2013

Do you ever wonder what Mary’s prayers consisted of?  Did she pray for blessings and if so, did she realize that the blessings would bring traumatic experiences to her physical life and her heart?

It’s easy to pray with your mouth “not thy will but Thine”, but does your heart and soul truly follow suit?

Even though Mary’s news from the angel was a blessing and she submitted to the Lord . . . do you think it was also traumatic?  Whether it is traumatic will all be determined by your perspective.

Some of the greatest blessings in our life can also bring trauma, yet the trauma as well as blessings each have an eternal purpose.  May we have a new perspective on answered prayers — accepting that which the Lord has “blessed” us with.

One response to “Blessings and Trauma

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    Darla, thank you for your posts. And thank you for encouraging Brook. The next day we spoke and she said she was better and she had talked with you. I am feeling some better and have a rough draft for Olivia but just get too tired still, from surgery after class and dinner. You all are important, too, I apologize for not finishing and mailing on time. Would it be ok to send next week and add to your book or should I need to hurry and mail today? It will be a stretch but I can do all things through Christ. 🙂 Thanks, Deborah Blessed!

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