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Conquering the Guantlet of Life!

on August 28, 2013
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Three friends started on a journey together.  All smiles, looking pretty with a great outlook on the road ahead.  The road of life brings with it many obstacles that we must jump over, crawl under, go through in the dark, some laced with barbed wire, while some  you will be on your hands and knees with one eye open, battling the mud that someone has thrown at you!
This past weekend, our 15 year old daughter and two of her friends decided and purposed they would attempt to “Conquer the Guantlet”. . . AND THEY DID!  However, I must say, they looked and felt quite different when crossing the finish line, than they did on the starting line.  In the end, they were much dirtier and covered with mud, exhausted, fatigued, marred with cuts and bruises, thirsting for water and nutrition and not near as excited in the end as they were in the beginning.  This trio was relieved to cross the finish line standing up and breathing, yet ready to get cleaned up, lay down and rest.   *Psalm 23:2
Olivia, Megan and Kayla headed out together on a 4 mile journey along rough terrain that encompassed potholes and thick stobs – not exactly fit for running!  90 degree temps with high humidity only added to the difficulty of this event.  There were over 25 of the largest, most unique and challenging obstacles along this 4 mile stretch.  It was this 2 hour and 15 minute journey, that stretched these girls and pushed them to their limits, trying their physical, mental and spiritual ability like never before!
The further into the trails they went, each one began to realize just how important it is to “not go it alone”.   We need friends on this journey through life.  Not just “friends” but the friends that will encourage you and push you to keep running — not ones who will give up and encourage you to quit!  *Proverbs 17:17
They also began to verbalize what things they would lay aside next time, that were a (bothersome) “weight” for them.  For example:  their tu-tu’s – cute and fun, but not needed for such a race.  How many things do we carry through life that is not needed or just an added weight?  *Hebrews 12:1
It was neat to listen to them encourage each other.  As one began to grow weary, not sure she could press on or challenge the next obstacle, the other two would pipe up exclaiming, “YOU CAN DO IT” while pulling or pushing the other one up or over the obstacle.  The obstacles on this course were optional.  You could take the challenge or go around, watching others push themselves above and beyond what they “thought” they could do!  *Galatians 6:9
I was informed by my husband just minutes AFTER the starting gun went off, that I could go along the course and take pictures if I wanted to.  This meant I had to hurry and catch up!  I was able to follow along (tongue hanging, tail dragging and sweat pouring down between my spectacles) taking pictures while cheering them on!  I definitely was NOT equipped in the best attire or shoes to travel this journey with them, alongside them or even behind them, as I did not attend this event prepared for the same journey.
There were several different walls they were challenged to climb over.  Some were approximately 15 feet tall with different length ropes to run and grab, pulling yourself over then climbing down the other side.  Some were 8 feet tall straight up and down, some were 6 feet tall and slanted for you to run up as far as you could and climb over.  As I watched the girls on the 6 foot slanted wall, it was difficult for them to make it over.  So, two of them would get at the top (leaning from opposite side) while the other would run up the wall.  The two girls would grab her hands helping to pull her over.  They had great difficulty and tried several things to beat this obstacle. I was immediately reminded of how it is in life, when others will pull us down easier than we can pull them up.
**We don’t know what life’s journey holds, but the Lord does.  May we be prepared and equipped with God’s Word and great friends to embark on this journey through life that brings with it, rough terrain, obstacles, marred flesh, etc.  There is so much spiritual application to this event.  Hope you enjoyed the snippit of their journey to Conquer the Guantlet.

5 responses to “Conquering the Guantlet of Life!

  1. says:

    I was wondering if you did this race. I truly wanted to be there, too. My body had a different plan. I am looking forward to recovery to get back in shape and defy this aging process. Congratulations to you all. By the way, I hope to have her letter finished this weekend. Nick is deploying ( leaving ) Brook again for 8+ months on Sunday. Keep them closer in your prayers. Hope all is well with you and yours. Much love, Deb

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    • dkpearce466 says:

      No, I did not sign up to do the race as I’ve been having more trouble with my back and have not been training for it. However, I did walk the course with them at a fast and steady pace on very rough and uneven terrain. Hoping (by God’s grace) to do it with them next year, and maybe even some adult friends who want to take the challenge. Hope you are recovering well.

  2. stacey gillette says:

    WOW! IAm proud of all three of them! That looked very very tough. And took dedication, commitment and support for each other. I can’t imagine how hard it was to get through that four mile obstacleso with the90 degree weather. thank you young ladies for showing your sweet spirits and motivation

    proud of you all

  3. Jacky Manchester says:

    Lots of good spiritual lessons here, and practical ones for the game of life. Our preacher last night ( Bible Conference) talked about encouraging someone beginning to flag as the race is so long and ardorous, and how it can energize them not to quit but keep on keeping on. Good lessons girls, thank you for perservering. Proud of you. Love Gammy

    • dkpearce466 says:

      Gammy – It was a blessing for me to get to watch. However, I could NOT count the applications available to “life” that I saw on this 2 hour journey…Just amazing. Watching their faces of determination and defeat as they mounted each obstacle!

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