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Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Squirrel Harbor

on September 17, 2013


When things die, as well as come to life, it is a time of harvest!

Around here, we know that Fall has arrived when the acorns fall off the trees, hit our metal roof, and roll down bombing the deck!  As this event begins to unfold, it is an all day entourage of squirrel soldiers preparing for the harvest that has begun!

Are you sleeping through the events that are unfolding in this day and age?  Sleeping when there is work to be done is condemned, creates slothfulness and poverty.

“He that gathereth in summer is a wise son:  But he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame”.  Proverbs 10:5   When the harvest is gathered, many will be awakened and it will be too late!

As I hear these squirrels running and scampering up and down the deck, I am reminded of many things that are still yet to come.  Are you ready for the Lord’s return when He comes to gather up His children?  Are you ready for the judgment of God when you will stand before HIM to give an account of your life?

2 responses to “Squirrel Harbor

  1. Jacky Manchester says:

    And are we ready too, for the suffering and deprivation and hard times that will likely precede the coming of the Lord? Are we just like Gen 6 Eating and drinking and having a merry time with all the bells and whistles of all the gadgets and stuff we can get our hands on? Or are we spiritually preparing, with the whole armor of God, to fight the battles that are and will be raging? An old man we knew always answered us with ” hard times, hard times” when we asked how he was doing. He had known hard times, and couldn’t get away from them. We haven’t known them, but we won’t get away from them either. We know the Lord is taking care of us and will be with us “in” the hard times. we trust in Jesus.

    • dkpearce466 says:

      Amen sister! I am starting a Bible Study called “Living Victoriously in Difficult Times”. Acts 9:15-16 talks about Paul being a chosen instrument to suffer for Christ’s Name’s Sake. This way of life was not just for Paul, but for all Christians. Many times Christ is seen more when we respond to suffering in a positive way! May we draw closer to HIM in these perilous times, putting on our armor so that we will be able to stand.

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