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Straight Line or Circles?

on September 30, 2013
Are you walking the straight and narrow or are you turning in circles?

We once had a horse at the trainers who WOULD NOT turn TIGHT to the right, without a fight.  After the trainer loped him 4 miles around a race track, he was still fighting.  She tied his face (bit) to his tail and made him walk in circles to the right all day.  No matter which end he pulled, there was pain inflicted.  We laugh as we visualize what this might look like!  However, aren’t we the same way in a spiritual sense?  OH!  We will turn to the right gently as long as it doesn’t require much of us . . . But when asked to “give a little more” (turn a little tighter), we put up a fight that might land us in a position where we are chasing both ends, bringing about self inflicted pain!

Are you willing to give in to change so that your life and your walk with Christ can grow? Or will you buck any little pressure or change of direction, fighting to stay in a place that is comfortable?

2 responses to “Straight Line or Circles?

  1. dkpearce466 says:

    Yes! And unfortunately that spiral is downward which can lead to the deadly D’s: Disappointment, Discouragement, Depression, Despair, Demoralization.

  2. You are right. May be most are in spirals – Jeff at

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