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Money vs. Time

on August 8, 2014

Something to ponder as everything around us vies for our time, luring us away from that which is a priority:

If money were time . . . would you waste as much money as you do time?  If you lose $100 bill, you could possibly work a few extra hours or days to make it up, but the time you lose can never be redeemed.

None of us know how much “time” we have left. Redeem the time and live each day for Christ!

2 responses to “Money vs. Time

  1. dkpearce466 says:

    Thanks for your input here on the blog! I love to hear the comparison between numbers and time. Looking forward to the perspectives and comments on topics that will be posted! Blessings!

  2. mpact323 says:

    Great post, and one that needs serious pondering… but who’s got the time?! Just kidding! I think that time and numbers get confused. Numbers are infinite, but time is not. There is a definite stopping point for time – for each of us as individuals, and for the time clock of God’s great story. And if time were dollars, I wonder how concerned some of us would be if we only knew how low our account was getting. Psalms 90:12. Keep up those encouraging words, sister. They are a blessing!

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