It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Decide Today

What kind of woman do you want to be?  Decide NOW . . .  regardless of your age, because life is not going to get any easier, regardless of where you live.

Where do we get our views of womanhood?  Do we get our view of life from the culture and magazine covers?  Do we allow ourselves to be taught and tutored directly by the worldly woman?  Have we reduced man to nothing more than the price of a loaf of bread as spoken of in Proverbs?

Proverbs 14:1 speaks of the wise woman who BUILDS her house.

As a woman, YOU have a powerful influence where you live – a greater influence than you know!  On your husband, on your children, on your church and on your community, your influence will be for good, evil or nothingness!  You decide.

Are you going to remain neutral, not taking a stand for anything, calling sin – sin, because you want people to love you and to be accepted?  Or do you want to be a woman who has raised her children according to I Timothy 2:15, to walk in faith and in love and restrain themselves to have disciplined lives?

As women, we play a pivotal role in the future of a nation as well.  The Lord has entrusted us with so much, yet we believe the lie, that we are nothing, OR that we are greater than men.  The truth is we are equal in creation yet different in our roles and authority.

Womanhood pivoted in the 1960’s as the feminist movement began and this has drastically changed our homes and world for the worse.

Decide today if you will build your house by doing that which is hard, or if you will plucketh it down with your hands contributing to the downward spiral of disaster.

If you are going to be a woman of God, then the Bible must be your daily bread.  Remember . . . there is no retirement in the middle of war!

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Changing the Course of History

We just returned from an amazing Bible Conference that challenged our walk with Christ, stretched our thinking, refueled our spirit, encouraged us in the Lord as well as educating us regarding the perilous times we are living in!  While there, we learned of a group that had rallied together and went to DC to encourage and pray for those in office!   This was birthed from one man’s passion for this great country to return to the Biblical principles this country was founded on!

Earlier this spring, was the first ever “Capitol Connection” on Capitol Hill.   There were 175 pastors who went representing 47 states,  plus other families and church members of the United States of America, who went to the capitol and prayed with individual staff members,  passed out over  3,000 Bibles and 20,000 gospel tracts. They were overwhelmed at the response they received, yet not surprised, because they KNEW that God went before them, paving the way.

Dr. Chuck Harding said each staff member openly welcomed them into their offices.  He explained to them how they were not there to ask anything  of them, but to ask “how they could specifically pray for them.”  Some were moved to tears, some in awe & asking them to set and stay longer, while others were asking these pastors for counsel and advice on upcoming bills that were coming to the table.  These pastors prayed with them, read the scriptures, and passed out tracts!  This “connection” resulted in an office that was donated to  Missionary Evangelist, Dr.Chuck Harding directly across the street from the Supreme Court!  GOD OPENED THOSE DOORS . . . doors that ONLY HE could open.  One representative that had been in DC for 10 years said, “No pastor had ever come to see him”.  Dr. Harding said that the most requested prayer request was, “would you pray for my family?” The staff members at Capitol Hill were humbled and awed, and it was because men of God chose to be the hands and feet of our Savior while doing what Christ has called us to do.
In 2014 they are hoping to have over 500 pastors and any families that want to go and take part in changing the course of history of this country!  This does not mean that the wrath of God is not coming on this country, but we can change what we can, while we are here!
You can check this out at http://www.AWAKEAMERICAONLINE.orgImage
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