It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Faith Produces Faithfulness

Be faithful now.

Be faithful tomorrow.

Be faithful the next day.

That is developing a pattern in your life of faithfulness to Christ, and then you will know that  when THAT hour of trial comes, He will give you the grace to be faithful then.

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God’s Peace is 18 Inches Away

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”.  Philippians 4:7 

Just yesterday, our family received word that some missionary friend’s 7-year-old son had been taken to the hospital with Malaria.  Just a few hours later came more news that their 8-year-old daughter was now in the hospital as well, with Malaria.  As these two children were showing signs of recovery, their 3-year-old son was vomiting with fever and in the hospital this morning.

How does one get through something like this?  There are those that would be angry at God and demand better treatment “as they ARE doing the work of the Lord”!  This mindset comes from a twisted belief that “it’s all about us” or “God owes me”.  However, this family is quite the contrary and will bring God glory trusting HIM through it all.

As a mom, I couldn’t begin to fathom this type of adversity, nor the magnitude in just a few short hours.  But because I know the Lord and HIS character, HIS grace would be sufficient and HIS love and peace would sustain me for whatever HE would allow me to go through.  I immediately began to pray and put myself in these parent’s shoes!  What would I want, desire, or need during these difficult hours?  The closeness of God?  His grace?  Strength and Comfort?  To sense HIS presence and feel HIS arms engulfing me?  All of the above!

God gives peace and protection in our hearts and in our minds.  God will guard these two parts, that remain 18 inches apart, which seem to conspire against us.  If our hearts are troubled, it won’t be long before our minds will be in turmoil.  If our thoughts are headed in the wrong direction, our hearts will soon follow.  But God’s peace can guard both heart and mind no matter what we are facing.

Today, there are Christians all over the world, going through unbelievable things with God’s peace.  Their assurance in the face of evil and pain is a testimony that brings glory to God, for it is clear to those watching, that something which passeth all understanding is going on.  These Christians are getting supernatural help, as did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego while in the furnace, walking around.

Can you imagine those three Jewish men standing near a roaring furnace, KNOWING they were about to be fed to the flames (Daniel 3:8-30)?  The weren’t sure they wouldn’t die.  Their peace came from being sure that no matter what happened, God would deliver them.

Peace is easy to understand when everything is going well, but not so easy when circumstances get hard.  God’s peace is always available, and HE wants us to rest in it — especially in season’s of darkness and difficulty.

Remember, you don’t get to choose your furnaces.  But you can choose to live rejoicing in the Lord.  You can choose to get along with others and practice anxiety-free days as you turn everything over to God with thanksgiving, even if you don’t fully understand how to go through challenges with a calm, quiet confidence, this will not prohibit God’s ability to give you the gift of peace.

What is your belief about God?

Anything and everything that happens to you must FIRST be filtered through God’s Hand.  All that HE allows is for your greater good and His glory!

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Are You Sleeping?

There are many churches today who have “merged” with the world, that you can hardly tell the difference, & are running hard in the opposite direction of the  Lord & His Word, just as Jonah did when God said, “Arise, go to Ninnevah”.
Where are the distinctions that make the church different than the world?  Bringing spiritual warfare INSIDE the church is nothing new, after all, satan can fight better from the inside of the church than from than outside.  Unfortunately it is the believers who give satan a ride, into the church. When we begin to get away from God, justifying, covering up, and compromising, there is no telling how far we will go!
Will we obey the voice of The Lord, or end up in a deep dark place as Jonah did?  Is the world going to wake up the church as the mariners did in Jonah 1:5-6, or is the church going to wake up the world?  The church needs to be waking up the world, not the opposite!  It’s a heart wrenching thought, when we take a deep-honest look at just how far the church has moved!
Todays pulpits are almost bankrupt from the fear of man & love of self, causing the church’s drowsiness & apathy!  However, it’s usually those that are asleep who will deny that they are sleeping.  No one wants to admit they are asleep, yet they cannot tell you what they’ve done while sleeping.  Ever heard anyone say, “I don’t snore or I don’t talk in my sleep”?  However,  If you DO those things while sleeping, you only know it because someone who was awake told you what you did while you were asleep!
We are living in perilous times.  Will you be a surprised Christian (because you are spiritually asleep) when The Lord returns, or are you able to see the signs of the times?
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