It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

The Wonder of Wonders!

The Wonder of Wonders, as she looked on His face,

That this little boy, spoke the worlds into place,

The stars and the moon, shining brightly on them,

The earth and the sun, were created by HIM.

The Wonder of Wonders, as she looked down & smiled

That He was her maker, as well as her child,

He created the womb, that had given HIM birth,

He was God incarnate, come down to the earth!

The Wonder of Wonders, as she heard His small cry


His small hand she held, so tenderly,

Had made a dry path, through the mighty Red Sea!

The Wonder of Wonders, OH HOW COULD IT BE

That God became flesh, and was given for me,

The Almighty came down, and walked among men,

The Wonder of Wonders, HE died for my sin!

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