It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Quit Numbing it

God wants us to walk into the pain…instead of numbing it.

What are you using in excess?  Shopping, tv, movies, food, alcohol , RX drugs, sleep, computers, your job, men, women, music, busyness, etc.

Whatever you are  using to numb the pain is dulling the senses and your sensitivity to God?  You cannot help others when you are enslaved and in bondage!

Let go of and walk away from what has a hold on you, and walk into what is difficult.  When we deal with the difficulty head on, there is freedom and a peace that comes only from the Lord.


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Waiting to See the Doctor

Yesterday, I visited the Dermatologist for my semiannual Melanoma check up at 2:30 pm.  As I set patiently waiting (for over an hour) donning one of those “oh so wonderful” hospital gowns, feet dangling from the table, hands freezing, scanning everything in the room that would compete for my undivided attention, I began to get antsy and grow impatient, ready to leave as I was tired of waiting.

The door opened slowly and revealed the nurse behind the door, only to inform me that it would be just a little longer!  I was disappointed . . . THEN distracted as I noticed the large, silver, cold, canister with nozzle and needle, (used for freezing off unwanted growths), setting on the counter!  This object DID NOT make my waiting any easier, yet caused me to squirm and be a little nervous.  Why?  I’ve been down this road before!

My mind began to get the best of me and I had convinced myself we must go, when Dr. Grau made her entrance!  “Hello, Darla!  It’s so good to see you.  AND YOU Miss Olivia are growing up so quickly.  How’s your sister doing?  I always enjoyed working with her.”  Dr. Grau knows the Lord and has such a way of calming your spirit and making you feel as if you’ve visited a friend by the way she greets you, not “the reason” you are there.  And isn’t that the way The Lord greets us?  By who we are, not the reason we’ve come to HIS FEET!

In November 2007, I visited the dermatologist, as my older sister fervently and physically suggested that I have a place on my chest looked at, AND SOON, while she had me backed up against the kitchen stove with nowhere to go!  She was extremely concerned, and passionately verbalizing (with all limbs in motion) that I see a doctor!  I laughed at her silliness as she is not one to act this way and definitely not one to take charge and be in your face.  However, because I love her and knew she must have seen something I DID NOT, as she worked for a dermatologist and saw things like this everyday, I agreed and went.  Before I had a chance to call and make an appointment, my sister had called and given me one.

That appointment, brought with it, the shaving off (by razor) of 3 very questionable places on my body for possible skin cancer.  A few days later, I received the phone call from the doctor that I had “Superficial Melanoma” on my chest that needed to be surgically removed, and continued to explain that the other 2 places taken off, were precancerous.  It was this phone call that caused me to go through the (above mentioned) visit every 3 months!

So many times we are not willing to wait and “see the doctor” or to “see the Father”, yet if we grow impatient, we will exit HIS presence, jumping off the exam table before HE can make the necessary changes that will grow us, or even save us from cancer (SIN) that is growing in our bodies, that could take our life!  Thank YOU LORD, for giving me the grace and the patience to not only WAIT to see YOU, but to also HEAR your voice, knowing that YOU have my best interest at heart!


Wasn’t It Smart Of God To . . .

Make our bodies able to feel pain as a warning we’re hurt and give us tears so that others would know we’re not kidding!

Make our bodies with spare parts, such as toes, feet, legs, fingers, arms, shoulders, eyes and ears — but wisely giving each of us ONLY ONE MOUTH!

Design us so we can fold up to half our size in height.  This handy feature is especially useful when our beds are short-sheeted at youth camp!

Make us sleep with our eyes closed so we won’t see our spouses sleep with their mouths open!

Pack all our vital organs into our torsos so if we lose an arm or leg we’ll still be alive!


Laughter is good for the soul, heart AND the face!

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth bones”.

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