It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Retracting Mosquito Antennae

If we don’t look, research and educate ourselves about the Lord and HIS handiwork, we will miss SO much interesting facts about the ONE who not only created us, but created every creature and critter uniquely – ALL FOR HIS GLORY and for a purpose!

Psalm 40:5a  “Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done…”

Most people are aware that it is only the female mosquito that feeds on blood.  The male feeds on plant juices.  It is also easy to “see” the differences between male and females in most species.  The male has a distinctive pair of antennae.  While the female mosquito’s antennae are difficult to see, the male’s look like a pair of branched feathers coming out of its head.  And if it weren’t for a very special feature, these large, antennae would make it difficult for him to fly.

Each antennae is planted in a socket, next to which there is a pad made out of special protein.  This pad is actually a water-powered engine.  When flying, the mosquito’s antennae are flattened against its head.  But when he lands, he raises the antennae so that he can hear.  To raise the antennae, a small amount of water from his system is pumped into the pad that increases its size by 25 percent and causes the pad to unfold, raising the antennae.

Nature is full of so many wonders that it would be easy for us to get lost in them.  But every one of these wonders is designed by God to lead us to desire to learn more about Him — especially to learn from His Word that He wants a relationship with you through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Rat Language: More than Meets the Ear

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork…There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.”  Psalm 19:1,3

It was once thought that language was a relatively late development in the evolution of man.  Language among the lower animals was dismissed as a fantasy.  So, when the Bible speaks of the whole creation praising God, these same people said that this was just a figurative expression.  Now modern science has shown that many creatures DO have a language of their own — language that, we point out, can also be used to praise the Creator.

The human ear can detect sounds between 20 and 20,000 vibrations per second.  Many creatures that we once thought silent are busy communicating in sounds well above this range of frequencies, and we just don’t hear them.  Scientists have cataloged many of the calls of Norway rats that communicate at 70,000 vibrations per second and conclude that they have the richest vocabulary of calls with specific meanings.  Young rat pups screech a distress call that reaches the same volume as a jack hammer; yet, we are not able to hear it.

There is an advantage for these small rodents having such a high-pitched language.  Even though many predators, like cats, can easily hear these frequencies, the loudest call does not travel far enough to give away the location of the nest.

Language is a gift from our Creator; therefore, it is only fitting that the entire creation has language with which to praise Him!

Lord, help me to use my lips and voice in praising and thanking YOU at all times!

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Wasn’t it SMART of God to:

Give the Bombardier Beetle the ability to defend itself by shooting boiling liquid out of its abdomen.  (Thankfully this is an ability HE withheld from people.)

Design a few folks to be ambidextrous — a rare ability found in mostly ravenous growing boys anywhere free hotdogs are found!

Create cats and humans with very different ideas when it comes to personal hygiene.

Make nose hair not grow as long as the hair on our heads . . . and small scissors to keep it that way.

Make us unable to tickle ourselves so we can wash the bottoms of our feet and under our arms without uncontrollable laughter.

Give us the capacity to breathe around 23,400 times in a 24-hour period without giving it a lot of thought.

Design the human heart with enough pumping pressure to squirt blood 30 feet (but not for long).

Make some species of ribbon worms capable of eating themselves if they can’t find food.  (Be thankful God didn’t design us that way or “finger foods” would have a totally new meaning.)

We have an amazing creator that saw that all HE created was very good.  May we enjoy all HE has created and be thankful for all HE’s done to and for us, and NOT DONE!   Have a blessed day!

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Smart Brain

“And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”.  Romans 12:2

The human brain is the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe, and modern brain research is adding to this wonder.

But medical researchers are learning that if the part of the brain that controls your left hand, for example, is damaged beyond repair, other parts of the brain will take over for the injured part.  This doesn’t always happen automatically.  However, it takes effort on your part.  If you don’t use the hand, the brain won’t work very hard to re-assign its function to another part of the brain.  It also works the other way.  Even if the brain isn’t damaged, failure to use your left arm will result in shrinkage of the brain area that controls it.  so, pianists, for example, will have a growth in the area of the brain controlling their skills if they practice.

These discoveries fill us with more wonder over the incredible abilities of the brain.  But they also tell us something about ourselves.  We are not, as many think, locked into certain bad habits or sins.  We are learning that the transformation of our minds by God’s power is not only something that happens spiritually — physical changes take place in our brains as a result of our behavior.  Is your mind being transformed by the power of God, or is it being conformed to the world?

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Stormy Waters

How’s the weather in your life?

The same ONE who stirs up the storm . . . calms the storm.  God will not remove the storm until we cry out to Him.  Psalm 107:23-28

You are either IN a storm, coming OUT of a storm, or going INTO a storm.  Sometimes God doesn’t change a difficult circumstance until that circumstance has changed us.  We are so busy trying to get ourselves OUT of the storm that we don’t even sense God’s presence!

We are interested in the end result, yet God is interested in the PROCESS.  You can’t always determine your circumstances, but you CAN choose your attitude!  If you have a bad attitude, it’s no one else’s fault but your own.

Unfortunately, there is no escaping.  It is the storms that grow us and cause us to look to the ONE who has created the storm and then allowed it to be stirred up.  Even stormy waters are better than the good times — if the good times keep us from the Word of God!



He Breathes with His Feet

Job 21:22  “Shall any teach God knowledge?  seeing he judgeth those that are on high.”

What breathes with its feet, has thousands of jaws but no mouth, has up to fifty arms, and an eye on the end of each arm?  NO, it’s not a new creature  for the next Star Wars movie.  It’s the Starfish.

When God designed the starfish, it almost seems as if He tried to see how differently HE could make this creature from all the others.  Depending upon the species, the starfish can have from 3 – 50 arms while there is an eye on the end of each one.  The rough skin of the starfish is covered with tiny jaws to keep parasites from attaching themselves to the starfish.  Even more amazing is the fact that each of these thousands of jaws work independently of the rest.  To get its oxygen, the starfish takes water in through tubes in its feet, each containing a tiny pump and a pipe system linking it to the other feet.

The starfish presents us with the lesson that our Creator did not have to make the creation in any specific way.  This is referred to by theologians as “voluntary creation.”  IF God had chosen to, you and I might be breathing through our feet — although I’m glad we don’t.  But the biblical truth of the voluntary creation was one of the crucial ideas that provided the basis for the modern scientific method.


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The Wonder of Wonders!

The Wonder of Wonders, as she looked on His face,

That this little boy, spoke the worlds into place,

The stars and the moon, shining brightly on them,

The earth and the sun, were created by HIM.

The Wonder of Wonders, as she looked down & smiled

That He was her maker, as well as her child,

He created the womb, that had given HIM birth,

He was God incarnate, come down to the earth!

The Wonder of Wonders, as she heard His small cry


His small hand she held, so tenderly,

Had made a dry path, through the mighty Red Sea!

The Wonder of Wonders, OH HOW COULD IT BE

That God became flesh, and was given for me,

The Almighty came down, and walked among men,

The Wonder of Wonders, HE died for my sin!

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