It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

What’s That You’re Stirring?

People who want to stir up strife . . . NEVER ACT ALONE!  They always want someone to get on the bandwagon with them.

Korah created discension & division.  The end result of this type of “leading” is death.

Read Numbers 16, and don’t miss v. 32!  The world opened up and swallowed those who COULD NOT STAND harmony.

What choice are you making?  What are you stirring up?

Choose today, to make peace not war.

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Their Future

Our children are a PIECE of time, that we are sending ahead to a PLACE in time, that we will NEVER see! What are you doing today to prepare them for the future?  Are you making “straight tracks” for your children to follow?

Are you teaching them in such a way, that if you were to die today, that they could survive on what you alone have taught them?

Take time today to reflect on all you have taught!  Will it be sufficient?

Remember, that your actions (WHAT YOU DO), speaks much louder than anything you have SAID to them!

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Are You Having An Affair?

The kind that is unbreakable, indescribable, one that brings you great joy in your daily life that you have to talk about it all day long, one that makes you complete, one that you would DIE to maintain, one that captivates ALL YOU ARE, and one that would cause you to daydream instead of doing your daily tasks?
If you are having a love affair with God’s Word, what kind of evidence would there be for you to be convicted?  You would have to be seen IN THE WORD on more than random occasions, you would have to be found talking about it excessively, you would demonstrate a joy that radiates within, you would respond to trials and difficulties with rejoicing and giving thanks.  You would be eager to love the unlovable, tend to the needy, give of yourself always and living daily as a servant!  WOW.
As a child of God, we should be IN LOVE with THE WORD OF GOD.  Why do we neglect “that” which is so easily attained?  How are we to KNOW what we are called to, if we are not IN The Word?  The Word enables me to avoid sin by the power and the grace of God.  It allows me to have guidance into what HE has for me.  It is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  We wonder “why” we struggle with “where we are called”.  Because of the Word of God, I can know HOW to stand against the enemy, where to walk, how to live, how to trust in THE GOD I SERVE AND LOVE.
Lord, may I be found “GUILTY” when charged of “having a love affair” with Your Word, and there would be enough evidence to convict me!

Squirrel Harbor


When things die, as well as come to life, it is a time of harvest!

Around here, we know that Fall has arrived when the acorns fall off the trees, hit our metal roof, and roll down bombing the deck!  As this event begins to unfold, it is an all day entourage of squirrel soldiers preparing for the harvest that has begun!

Are you sleeping through the events that are unfolding in this day and age?  Sleeping when there is work to be done is condemned, creates slothfulness and poverty.

“He that gathereth in summer is a wise son:  But he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame”.  Proverbs 10:5   When the harvest is gathered, many will be awakened and it will be too late!

As I hear these squirrels running and scampering up and down the deck, I am reminded of many things that are still yet to come.  Are you ready for the Lord’s return when He comes to gather up His children?  Are you ready for the judgment of God when you will stand before HIM to give an account of your life?


A Pig and A Pear Tree

Are you like a pig under a pear tree?

He is happy as long as the fruit falls.

The more he eats the closer he gets to the slaughter house.

He eats and eats, paying NO MIND to the source of the fruit he is taking in.

Are you taking in fruit that will eventually kill you, or are you taking in and bearing fruit that will change your life as well as others?

Psalm 68:19 “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation”.  

Which tree are you eating from?

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To Die Might Seem Easier

Even though God allowed King David to live after committing adultery with Bathsheba, his son to be born, would die as a direct consequence of David’s sin against God.

As parents we can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult that would be to live with. Thoughts “that your child died BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR SELFISHNESS”.  Wow, to die would be the easier thing, BUT God didn’t leave us here to do the easy!  He left us here to accept the gospel, be the gospel and share the gospel, not marring HIS image in any way!

Are you doing the job HE gave you to do?

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Expiration Dates

Food that is perishable has an expiration date.  As I was talking with one of my children about the milk in the fridge and its expiration date, I began to explain how each person has an expiration date as well.  Every day that we live, we are one day closer to the expiration date that has been put on our lives by the God who created us!  It’s our tendency as humans to “live like we are never going to die”, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Today might be your expiration date.   Are you ready to walk through the door of eternity?

This reminded me of a song by The Crumpton Family called, “I’m Flying Home”

I’m flying home, to that mansion in the sky,

I’ve got a one-way ticket, but I won’t need a plane to fly,

Destination settled, Departure time unknown

My fare is paid in full & I’m flying home!

Hey there Mr. Pilot, in your big old DC9,

Please don’t be surprised to see me leaving you behind,

Ground control don’t worry, if your radar can’t find me,

I’ll be flying much too fast for you to see!

I’m flying home, to that mansion in the sky,

I’ve got a one-way ticket, but I won’t need a plane to fly,

Destination settled, Departure time unknown

My fare is paid in full & I’m flying home!

Won’t need to make connections, I have a non-stop flight,

I might be leaving in 30 years, or I just might leave tonight!

I won’t be flying first class or economy,

I won’t be needing frequent flyer miles to fly for free,

I won’t need a super saver, cause I have a special Saviour,

So, get your boarding pass and fly with me!

I’m flying home, to that mansion in the sky,

I’ve got a one-way ticket, but I won’t need a plane to fly,

Destination settled, Departure time unknown

My fare is paid in full & I’m flying home!

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