It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Straight Line or Circles?

Are you walking the straight and narrow or are you turning in circles?

We once had a horse at the trainers who WOULD NOT turn TIGHT to the right, without a fight.  After the trainer loped him 4 miles around a race track, he was still fighting.  She tied his face (bit) to his tail and made him walk in circles to the right all day.  No matter which end he pulled, there was pain inflicted.  We laugh as we visualize what this might look like!  However, aren’t we the same way in a spiritual sense?  OH!  We will turn to the right gently as long as it doesn’t require much of us . . . But when asked to “give a little more” (turn a little tighter), we put up a fight that might land us in a position where we are chasing both ends, bringing about self inflicted pain!

Are you willing to give in to change so that your life and your walk with Christ can grow? Or will you buck any little pressure or change of direction, fighting to stay in a place that is comfortable?

Are You Grazing?

What are you grazing on today?  If a horse eats too much of the wrong food, they will founder, messing up their hooves which greatly affects their walk and can cripple them!

If a Christian takes in too much bad food (the things of this world) it will greatly affect their walk and cripple them spiritually!  As Christians we have been given the “bread of life” to consume on a daily basis!  The better food we take in, the greater our walk becomes.

NO ONE has ever foundered from too much of the Word of God!   Barry Pearce Sr.

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What Are You Housing?

THE wagon

God loves Roy Ratliff!  I love sharing our lives with you and all that the Lord allows us to be a part of.

One afternoon, as we passed Texanna Rd Fire Department, the kids yelled, “hey look!”  They saw something that DID NOT look like modern transportation!  A wagon with horses and a bearded man unharnessing his horses.  They wanted to stop and see, but I was on a mission to get Olivia to her piano lesson, while dropping Brady off at the ranch with dad on the way.

Barry and Brady drove back by the fire department on the way home and saw the wagon and horses, turned around and stopped to visit with the man for about an hour and took the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ.  His name was Roy and had been traveling this way for about the last 10 years and gone through 5 teams of horses exclaiming, “JUST CUZ he wanted to!

“Roy’s Stage Lines” houses a team of horses, 2 chickens, 1 dog, a solar panel for electricity, small flat screen tv, a laptop, a sock hanging on the wall to hold his “mouse”, 3 large barrels on the roof to hold his water, outdoor shower and an old seat bolted in the front for driving the team!  He explained to my husband as he opened up one of the feed drawers underneath, that about a week prior, one of his chickens were inside feasting, and much to his surprise, the opening of the drawer cut off the chickens head!  Oops!  The rear view of the wagon displayed approx 10-12 car tags.  Olivia noticed a sign on the front of the wagon that said, “redneck wind sock” that was screwed to an old white sock.  What a unique collection for all to SEE!

I had to ask myself, that just as this mans wagon was his home and a picture of what was important to him, how much more does what I possess, how I chose to live my life and what I allow others to SEE, affect the Kingdom of God?

During my family’s visit with Roy, he said he wasn’t a “religious” man, just an old country boy that doesn’t know nothing! Barry shared his testimony, his life and about his dads salvation (who was just another old country boy who didn’t “know nothing”), etc. and left him with information to seek out the scriptures.  Roy DID SAY that he had a Bible he reads every night!

The next morning we were headed out to a funeral and the kids wanted to stop and say “good-bye”.  Roy gave the kids a shirt and a cap with his name on it!

I just LOVE the things God allows into our lives for HIS GOOD PLEASURE!

Please pray for Roy Ratliff and his salvation, as God loves him too!