It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

The Power of Example

The Power of “Example” – Those around you watch your actions NOT your instructions.  They are affected more by your lifestyle than your hairstyle.  They are impacted by your walk NOT your talk.  And adopt your habits, NOT your rules.  What kind of an example are you being?   Think about it and let it sink in.

We are all an example – we will either be a good one or a bad one!


Is Your Name Peter?

At the Last Supper when Peter wanted NO PART of his feet washed, Jesus told Peter that without his feet being washed, he could have NO PART with Christ.  When Peter realized the “cost of refusing” his feet to be cleansed, he THEN WANTED his whole body washed!  John 13:9

I immediately thought of how we try to complicate the Word and instructions the Lord has given us by wanting or doing MORE.  We must decide that what God says in HIS Word, is either final or it’s not! Poor Peter . . . we are more like him, then we’d like to admit!

What have you refused, that Jesus Christ has offered you?

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