It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Wasn’t It Smart Of God To:

Design Esau to be a skillful hunter and Jacob to be a quiet man living in tents so we know it’s okay to be country folk or city slickers!

Send us into the world with nothing and then take us back with nothing so we’re reminded that the most valuable thing in life is that we belong to HIM.

Make children washable and guaranteed not to shrink!

Design the human body to self-maintain by feeling thirsty when it needs water, hungry when it needs fuel, tired when it needs rest — and grumpy when any of those needs aren’t met.

Give instructions to parents to not spare the rod of discipline so the rest of us won’t mind being around their kids.


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What Do YOU Consider Pure?

Are you ok with things in your life being 99.9% pure?  If 99.9% pure was the standard, the IRS would lose over 2 million documents a year, 12 babies would be given to the wrong parents every day, 291 pacemaker surgeries a year would be performed wrong, and 20,000 prescriptions would be written every year incorrectly. What in your life, are you willing to settle for at 99.9%?