It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Marriage and Sin

Anyone planning on getting married soon?  If you’re afraid to face your sin, don’t get married, because marriage will expose your sin like no other relationship known!  This is what happens when two sinners live under one roof!

Many times people get married with the idea that the “other person” will make them happier.  What if God designed your marriage to make you holy . . . even more than to make you happy?  This thought certainly puts a different perspective on marriage.

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Relationship or Religion?

Does your Christian life demonstrate a relationship or a religion? Satan has used “religion” for others to HATE Jesus’ name and have NO desire to know or hear truth.  Is your life a hindrance or an opportunity for someone to see and hear the gospel of Christ?  May we never forget where we’ve come from desiring to live under grace not trying to keep the law.
We are saved by grace, through faith, plus NOTHING ELSE!   Romans 10:4 “Christ is the END of the law…”