It's All Grace

Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

ALL Figured Out!

The world is full of people who think they’ve got it all figured out , yet, it’s those people who are UNteachable! Matt 5:3  The happiness you crave will only come from your willingness to learn!

The closer you get to an oak tree, the bigger it gets! Just like the closer you get to God the greater your perspective is!  Remember there are NO proud people at the foot of the cross!

Will you be teachable (with a spirit of humility) or will you stand your ground in pride, claiming to know it all?

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Waiting . . .


Often, the process of waiting for a message from God is often just as important as the message itself.  In some cases, the intimacy that is developed while waiting IS THE MESSAGE!

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What Route Will You Choose?

When a person walks closely with the Lord, and THEN DOUBTS what HE tells them, the Lord takes that to heart, as God wants HIS children to believe HIM.

Zacharias doubted what the Lord had said.  Consequences immediately followed.  We can choose our sin, but not the consequences.

Can you imagine having your mouth shut tightly for 9 months as Zacharias did when HE doubted what God said would happen?

Have you ever wondered “just what all” Zacharias had to say and talk about after 9 months of a closed mouth?

Do you know what it’s like to have a thought while someone is speaking to you, yet rather than interrupt, you keep it to yourself and wait for your turn to talk?  Then when the other person has quit talking, you’ve forgotten what you wanted to say?  I wonder how many times that happened to him?

I wonder what he pondered and learned about the Lord during that time?

Was it quiet in his house?

Did he and Elisabeth work harder at communicating?

How do you think this affected his role as a priest in the community?

What did he tell people why his mouth had been shut?

How many “believed” God as a result of this incident?

Read the story:  Luke 1:5-25

Would that (9 months) be enough time for you to “think about” things?  Once Zacharias believed God as a result of this consequence, his mouth was opened.  Luke 1:57-67

The Lord does have a sense of humor . . . and WILL fulfill HIS purpose, regardless of what route HE choses!

Just yesterday I visited with my children and a few friends about the Bible – God’s Holy and infallible Word.  We either believe it . . . . OR WE DON’T.  We cannot believe just part of it.  If we choose to believe the Bible is 100% true, then no matter the circumstance or difficulty, we KNOW that HE can be trusted, in spite of any emotion we are experiencing!

Will you choose to obey or doubt what God says?

When God closed his mouth, it grew Zacharias’s faith and taught him to BELIEVE GOD!

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Ever Receive Something You Didn’t Like?

Something to chew on:

When one of the kings of Judah received the Word of God, he didn’t like what it said, so he cut up the scroll and threw it into the fire!

God’s Word can’t be destroyed because it comes from God.  You can burn the copy of the Bible, but you cannot burn the Word of God.  Even if you ignore the part or parts of the Bible that you do not like, it does not change what God said to be true. It does not change the truth about eternity, nor does it change what it says about HIS love for me and you!

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Self Discipline

Discipline is not easy, but it’s better than regret.  We need to wait . . . yet the culture is conditioned for the “instant”!

It takes a patient man to sow good seed, even when you’re not seeing a good harvest:

Noah was the butt of jokes for 120 years

Abraham was promised a baby after he was 100 years old

Moses got put into the wilderness for 40 years

David went through trials before he ever wore a crown

Joseph went from a shepherd, to the 2nd most powerful man in the world

The disciples first commission was to “wait”!

Every chapter of life you are in, requires patience.  How many times do we compromise JUST BEFORE the harvest?  God’s best is always better than the alternative.

It’s better to want something you DON’T have . . . than to HAVE something you DON’T WANT!

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Holy or Happy?

For the most part, people marry because they have the mindset that the other person will “make them happy”.  However, nothing could be further from the truth – spiritually.

Possibly the most difficult station in life, a woman or man could choose, is to be a husband or a wife.  So, when it comes to marriage, remember there isn’t anything else to marry but another sinner.  To say you have a “difficult marriage” is redundant.

God uses the other spouse to grow and stretch us beyond what we can fathom.  It is marriage that will or will not create a picture of Christ to a lost and dying world.  Perhaps God created marriage to make us holy more than happy.

Think about it!


“Someday” Doesn’t Exist

Do you find yourself putting things off to another day?  You know?  Someday I’ll do this or that.  Procrastinating – believing the lie that you’ll get it done later?

Doing the right thing and being the right person doesn’t just fall into your lap!  You must resolve to change some things and go against the culture and your flesh.  This means to restrict yourself from what your flesh desires.

Did you know that “someday” DOES NOT exist?  It never has and it never will.  ALL you have is today!

Daniel was famous for something he did in his old age that he “resolved” to do and be as a teenager!  Daniel was in his 80’s when he was thrown into the lions den.  Apart from God’s protection, Daniel could only stand in courage and strength because at the age of 13, he decided/resolved to follow Christ.

IF you are choosing today to go down the “wrong path” a little way, you will eventually choose the wrong path entirely!


Is That Sand Under Your Feet?

Have you thought about the 30 years that John the Baptist lived in the desert?  IN the desert was where God was preparing John to meet the Lord face to face!  And we whine because HE leaves US in the desert for a month or two!  God has a purpose in each one of our lives.  The purpose is different, because of what HE has called us to endure.

Sometimes a lot of the wear and tear on our lives is from fighting the circumstances that God has allowed to come into our lives.  Sometimes it’s in the desert where God will give you glimpses of HIS hand and HIS heart that you could not have had anywhere else!

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Wringing Your Hands

We fret — We worry — We strive  — We wrangle — We manipulate — We scheme — We are frustrated — We are anxious — We are troubled — We wring our hands in despair.  Sometimes we panic.  Why?  Because, we do not trust, obey and pray.  We do not really believe that God can do what He says He can.  We do not really trust Him.

You have probably seen when a toddler will jump with excitement from the edge of a table top into his fathers arms?  Some may be reluctant and some may leap with enthusiasm grinning ear to ear.  Why is that?  It’s because he trusts that his father loves him and will catch him, keeping him from harms way.  This trust comes from seeing an established pattern.  We can learn a lot from this “picture” of trust.

Some of you know someone you TRUST more than anyone in this world.  Think for a minute, who that person might be.  How do you KNOW that you trust them?  What would you trust them with?  When you begin to answer these questions, realize that there is a reason that you trust them — it is because you really “KNOW” them.

When you are asked “as a believer in Jesus Christ”, “Do you really KNOW the Lord in this way that you would TRUST Him with your life?”  Can you answer yes to that question?  Many times we don’t trust God, because we don’t truly KNOW Him.

There are Christians who are truly saved, yet don’t really KNOW the Savior.  Get in the Word and read about the ONE who died on the cross for you so that you might have abundant life.  I pray that you fall in love with Him, as you walk through the “love letter” He has written down for you in the scriptures.

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Nag . . . Nag . . . Nag

As a woman, are you a living testimony or a living nag?  Many times we “nag” and believe we are just repeatedly “asking”.

God created men and women “not wrong but different”.  Different in the ways we perceive what is being said, as well as hundreds of other ways we are different.

How many things around the house would get done if we only asked once and not 5 or 6 times?  How many men would have come to Christ had they not been nagged?  Nagging is NOT a spiritual gift. OUCH!

Inviting them to church instead of nagging them has a much greater success rate.  My husband has a pasture full of nags – he doesn’t need one at home!

May you be challenged today each time you open your mouth to your husband.

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