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Amazing things can happen when you allow the Lord to work in your life.

Are You Having An Affair?

The kind that is unbreakable, indescribable, one that brings you great joy in your daily life that you have to talk about it all day long, one that makes you complete, one that you would DIE to maintain, one that captivates ALL YOU ARE, and one that would cause you to daydream instead of doing your daily tasks?
If you are having a love affair with God’s Word, what kind of evidence would there be for you to be convicted?  You would have to be seen IN THE WORD on more than random occasions, you would have to be found talking about it excessively, you would demonstrate a joy that radiates within, you would respond to trials and difficulties with rejoicing and giving thanks.  You would be eager to love the unlovable, tend to the needy, give of yourself always and living daily as a servant!  WOW.
As a child of God, we should be IN LOVE with THE WORD OF GOD.  Why do we neglect “that” which is so easily attained?  How are we to KNOW what we are called to, if we are not IN The Word?  The Word enables me to avoid sin by the power and the grace of God.  It allows me to have guidance into what HE has for me.  It is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  We wonder “why” we struggle with “where we are called”.  Because of the Word of God, I can know HOW to stand against the enemy, where to walk, how to live, how to trust in THE GOD I SERVE AND LOVE.
Lord, may I be found “GUILTY” when charged of “having a love affair” with Your Word, and there would be enough evidence to convict me!

What Route Will You Choose?

When a person walks closely with the Lord, and THEN DOUBTS what HE tells them, the Lord takes that to heart, as God wants HIS children to believe HIM.

Zacharias doubted what the Lord had said.  Consequences immediately followed.  We can choose our sin, but not the consequences.

Can you imagine having your mouth shut tightly for 9 months as Zacharias did when HE doubted what God said would happen?

Have you ever wondered “just what all” Zacharias had to say and talk about after 9 months of a closed mouth?

Do you know what it’s like to have a thought while someone is speaking to you, yet rather than interrupt, you keep it to yourself and wait for your turn to talk?  Then when the other person has quit talking, you’ve forgotten what you wanted to say?  I wonder how many times that happened to him?

I wonder what he pondered and learned about the Lord during that time?

Was it quiet in his house?

Did he and Elisabeth work harder at communicating?

How do you think this affected his role as a priest in the community?

What did he tell people why his mouth had been shut?

How many “believed” God as a result of this incident?

Read the story:  Luke 1:5-25

Would that (9 months) be enough time for you to “think about” things?  Once Zacharias believed God as a result of this consequence, his mouth was opened.  Luke 1:57-67

The Lord does have a sense of humor . . . and WILL fulfill HIS purpose, regardless of what route HE choses!

Just yesterday I visited with my children and a few friends about the Bible – God’s Holy and infallible Word.  We either believe it . . . . OR WE DON’T.  We cannot believe just part of it.  If we choose to believe the Bible is 100% true, then no matter the circumstance or difficulty, we KNOW that HE can be trusted, in spite of any emotion we are experiencing!

Will you choose to obey or doubt what God says?

When God closed his mouth, it grew Zacharias’s faith and taught him to BELIEVE GOD!

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Ever Receive Something You Didn’t Like?

Something to chew on:

When one of the kings of Judah received the Word of God, he didn’t like what it said, so he cut up the scroll and threw it into the fire!

God’s Word can’t be destroyed because it comes from God.  You can burn the copy of the Bible, but you cannot burn the Word of God.  Even if you ignore the part or parts of the Bible that you do not like, it does not change what God said to be true. It does not change the truth about eternity, nor does it change what it says about HIS love for me and you!

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